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New updates and improvements to Equity Analytics

Data Trackers Just Got Faster!

New year, new tracker! Now when you view your data tracker, you have enhanced filtering and a dynamic search bar that updates as you type! In addition, the header of each tracker column can be sorted ascending or descending - just by a simple click.

This update also squashed a few bugs and includes graphical user interface updates to improvement your experience whether it be with a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Historical Performance

New Feature Alert!

You can now see how your district, school, and teachers have performed over time. By navigating to the "historical performance" overview - you will be met with your impact data in graphical and tabular format. All graphs and tables are exportable as well.

Automatic Sign Out After 10 Minutes

Equity Analytics takes data security seriously. After 10 minutes of inactivity - you will be redirected to the log-in page. This is to prevent any unwanted actors from gaining access to personal identifiable information (PII) without proper authentication into Equity Analytics.

Missing SLAIF Scores

Good news! Districts and schools are able to view all students without prior year SLAIF scores. SLAIF stands for "student level accountability information file" - this is the file that is released each school year by the Mississippi Department of Education. When a student does not have a SLAIF score - they are not counted in the growth component.

Now, when viewing your assessment results all district and school users can choose the "MAAP Missing SLAIF Scores" score filter. This score filter provides you a list of students with missing SLAIF scores. These students can be exported in CSV and PDF.

Participation Rate

Equity Analytics is going to start rolling out participation rates for districts, schools, and teachers. For each assessment administration, each district, school, and teacher will get a participation rate assigned starting with the 2021 - 2022 school year. If you are interesting in learning more about what the participate rate entails, click here to view the Mississippi Department of Education's (MDE) accountability rules located on page 32.

Right now, this feature is in "beta testing." If you see an issue with your participation rate, please reach out to support@equityanalyticsms.com.

Equity Analytics 2.0

Good news! Equity Analytics 2.0 has launched!
The same great features on a new and improved platform! Stay tuned - all new features will be announced here!
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